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201 N. Bellefield Ave.
Pittsburgh, Womens Pointed Soft Boots Vegan Mink Ankle Leather Montana Fashion Toe Coach PA 15213
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412 621-6028


Outreach Director/CVI Project Leader
Degree: M.Ed.
Coach Montana Mink Toe Boots Womens Vegan Fashion Pointed Soft Ankle Leather Experience:

I am currently the Outreach Director and CVI Project Leader at WPSBC.  I oversee the assessments, program planning and progress monitoring for the 154 enrolled students diagnosed with CVI on our campus.  In addition, I provide CVI clinics for non-enrolled students.  I have students who travel from across the eastern US for the CVI Range.  I assist in program planning for children in the state of PA.  I have been asked to provide training for teachers, parents, therapists & ophthalmologists. I was very fortunate to train and co-present with Christine Roman, Ph.D. for many years.  She helped to encourage my special interest in teaching children with CVI.  In addition to Christine's teachings, I completed the course on Cerebral VI by Dr. Amanda Lueck.

I am available to:
  • Provide ongoing, direct service to a child with CVI within 50 miles of my home address
  • Provide ongoing consultation and technical assistance to an educational team working with a child with CVI
  • Provide one time evaluation services and consultation
  • Provide training to an educational team
  • Provide consultation and support to family
  • I am willing to travel